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Laboratory for Political Studies

Post-industrial civilisational transition: Origins, peculiarities, and prospects

Nisnevich Y. A., Ryabov A. V.

Berlin: Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute, 2018.

How states tighten control: a field theory perspective on journalism in contemporary Crimea

Zeveleva O.

British Journal of Sociology. 2018. P. 1-20.

Book chapter
Russia: A zoom in on best practices in fundraising

Skokova Y.

In bk.: Report on the State of Civil Society in the EU and Russia 2017. Berlin: EU-Russia Civil Society Forum e.V., 2018. P. 98-112.

Working paper
The Public Authority in the Modern Polity: The Corruption Phenomenon

Nisnevich Y. A.

Political Science Network. PSN. Social Science Research Network, 2018. No. 3183659.

Laboratory for Political Studies was established at the HSE in 2008 for academic research in the field of political science. The Laboratory focuses on “political” aspects of the social phenomena: perceptions, values, institutions, culture, behavior, processes, movements. Within our social mission to create a new generation of scholars, the Laboratory actively involves students into the running scientific projects.

Illustration for news: Symbolic Borders in Detention Spaces: Inside a German Refugee Camp

Symbolic Borders in Detention Spaces: Inside a German Refugee Camp

The photo essay by Olga Zeveleva, Junior Research Fellow of the laboratory, published in Border Criminologies research group (Oxford university) blog.

Internship at the Laboratory for Political Studies

BA and MA students are invited to complete their internships at HSE's Laboratory for Political Studies. Application deadline for fourth year BA students: March 20, 2016. Application deadline for third year BA students and MA students: TBA.

Illustration for news: Joint Seminar of HSE and Hertie School of Governance

Joint Seminar of HSE and Hertie School of Governance

On December 14th-16th 2015, a joint seminar between HSE and the Hertie School of Governance was held in Berlin. The staff members of the Laboratory for Political Studies, students, doctoral students and faculty of the Hertie School of Governance as well as researchers from Oxford, Cambridge and Heidelberg Universities took part in the event.

Working Paper by Olga Zeveleva

The working paper 'The Discursive Construction of Co-Ethnic Migration' by Olga Zeveleva, Junior Research Fellow of the laboratory published in the Basic Research series.

Article by Olga Zeveleva Issued on OpenDemocracy Website

On January 8 the article 'Russian Passport, Please' was published on the official website of OpenDemocracy.

Working paper by Anna Kulkova Published

The working paper 'Religiosity and Political Participation in Contemporary Russia: A Quantitative Analysis' by Anna Kulkova is published in the series 'Political Science'.